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Covent Garden is one of the most famous tourist attractions in London. With its stalls selling gifts, boutiques and cafes it's hard to believe it was once home to the oldest vegetable market in London. It began in 1640 on the south side of Covent Garden selling mainly vegetables and fruits and grew quickly attracting  coffee shops, theaters, gambling houses and brothels to the area.  There was origninally a flower market originally at the spot where the London Transport Museum now stands. In the 19th century market hall was redesigned but by the 20th century the crowded streets were proving difficult for the traders to navigate. Today street artists and performers are a regular features at Covent Garden particulary from Thursday to Sunday. The St Paul's colonnade is a popular public stage and you can wnader and watch from the neighbouring pubs such as FUEL and the Punch & Judy. The market hall is home to many shops and the Apple Market which sits in the northern hall has stalls offering souvenirs. Thursday to Sunday are the busiest days at Covent Garden. 


Seven Dials 

Seven Dials on the north side of Covent Garden is a great little shopping spot in the middle of the theatre district and Neal Street. There's seven small streets, Monmouth Street, Earlham Street, Shorts Gardens, Thomas Neal's Centre, Neal Street, Shelton Street and Neal's Yard which together form a pleasant area. The fashionable shops, trendy restaurants and bars here are opne seven days a week.


The Strand

This area is directly below Covent Garden and a major attraction for both Londoners and tourists. Embankment and Charing Cross are major stations and there's lots of offices in and around the Strand so it's busy and buzzy. On a fine afternoon you cna sit in the park at Embankment and watch London life pass by. There's lot sof theatres, Somerset House and Gallery with an open air rink in the winter. Take a boat rip on the Thames, you can reach its banks by walking down Villiers Street and through Embankmen tube  station. There's several companies offering cruises here. 



Best time to visit:  Covent Garden is fun all week long but very busy at hte weekends. Visit The Strand from Monday to Saturday.


Things to do in Do's in Covent Garden & the Strand:
  • Shop at Seven Dials around Monmouth Street.
  • Soak upo the atmosphere and view of the street performers on the terraces at Covent Garden.
  • Visit the London Transport Museum (39 Wellington Street).
  • Visit the Royal Opera House (Bow Street).
  • Visit Somerset House.
  • Buy a picnic in Villiers Street and eat lunch in the park.

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