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Youropi.com is your personal city guide.

We want to help you make easy use of our site. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.
If we haven't answered your query here then please contact us at help@youropi.com

The confirmation email didn't arrive
Some providers such as Hotmail and Gmail send the confirmation email to your spam folder. Look in your 'junk email' or 'spam' folder

I can't see any maps in the city guides
If you can't see maps in the city guides this is not due to your computer but to Google Maps. We are working to solve this problem and apologise for any inconvenience.

Do I have to pay for Youropi?
No, Youropi.com is absolutely free.

The city guides are not displayed after download
You'll need a PDF reader to veiw the city guide. Most computers and laptops have this software installed as standard.
If you don't have a PDF reader you will find a free Adobe PDF reader download online. Get your Free Adobe PDF reader.

I can't download the cityguide

Downloading a city guide starts automatically after clicking 'print my city guide'. If the download does not start click on the text "Click here if you're city guide didn't start to download." If it still doesn't download it could be blocked by your computer's security. If you have a windows operating system it's indicated by an alert window or a bar at the top. You just need to authorise the download. Downloading the city guides is completely safe.

The city guide won't print.
When you click 'print my city guide' it won't print immediately. The guide will donwload first. You can view the city guides, save itto your computer and print it like any other document.

How often can I download a city guide?
Our city guides are free to download as often as you want.

How do I create a city guide?
It's free to make your own city guide. You can fill it with all the content you want. Your city directory is stored in your personal profile and you can
print it out and take it with you. Look here for more information on creating a city guide.

Why do I get an email with a link to activate an account?
You need to create an account to download a city guide. You just fill in your name and email address. We will send you an email after downloading with a link to activate your account. Once you've done this you can easily store all your city guides in a personal profile.  So next time you want to view them you just login. Please note that the email also contains your temporary password. You can easily change this password in your Profile page.

How does the point system work?
You get point severy time you contribute to Youropi.com.

How can I register my company?
Companies can create a free profile and business page. Listings are free. Go to company sign in and follow three simple steps.

I want to share a good tip
Good! We get daily tips from our visitors. You can enter your tip and we'll post it on the site as soon as possible.

What do you do with my personal information?
We only use your information to provide you with relevant services. We send regular newsletters to the address you specified. You can easily unsubscribe in your profile or click on the at the bottom of every newsletter you receive from us.

Why should I enter a valid email address?
Entering a valid email address is important in case you forget your username or password. We also send you newsletters and partner mailings.
De Youropi.com nieuwsbrief en/of partner mailings sturen wij naar het opgegeven emailadres.

Can I change my details?
Yes, you can easily change all your information in your profile.

If Youropi.com is free how do you earn money?
Youropi.com is completely free. We earn money through advertising and bookings. You will find these ads in banners at the top of the pages or sponsorship areas on the site and in the city guides.

Is Youropi.com truly independent?
Yes and we want to keep it that way. Most of the information on Youropi.com comes from visitors. Real people with real experiences. The city experts are not employees of Youropi.com. They help us and you with their knowledge of the city and place where they live.

They do so voluntarily. Our editorial team checks the information to ensure it meets our guidelines. The editorial team also adds information and reviews. All places are really visited by us. Our editorial team wants to find the best in the city, just like you. It's real and it's independent.

What you do with my reviews, tips and photos?
All information you provided to us including written reviews and uploading photos becomes the property of Youropi.com. We use your contribution to be of service to others. The more information you give the better Youropi.com. Youropi.com reserves the right to remove text and images at its discretion.

Can I add a new town or city?
We want to hear from you. If we've missed somewhere then let us know. Send an email with the name of the place you're looking for to info@youropi.com. We can't guarantee to add it immediately but we do our best.

I'd like to give tips to improve Youropi.com
If you love your city and know all the hotspots then you could become a City Expert. Let us know via info@youropi.com and see more information on the Expert page.

The site is not working properly on my computer
Youropi.com is compatible with Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Mozilla and Mac. If you are having technical problems please let us know: help@youropi.com

If we still haven't answered your question then send an email to help@youropi.com