Overview of London Airports
  • Londen-city-airport-airports-in-londen-1(h:70)(p:location,2259)(c:0) The beauty of London City Airport is in its size and location. It's small so check in is fast and it's the only airport actually in the centre.
  • Londen-gatwick-flickr-com-airports-in-londe(h:70)(p:location,2260)(c:0) Gatwick is south of London and it's a busy airport which often leads to delays but there's plenty of shopping opportunities in the two terminals.
  • Londen-heathrow-flickr-com-airports-in-lond(h:70)(p:location,2257)(c:0) Heathrow is London's busiest airport and queues for check in and passport control can be long.
  • Londen-luton-1(h:70)(p:location,2261)(c:0) Luton is a charter holiday airport and now a hub for the no frills, low budget airlines.  
  • Londen-stansted-airports-in-londen-1(h:70)(p:location,2258)(c:0) London Stansted is 60km from London. Budget airlines, such as Ryanair, have contributed to its growth and it's very busy.