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Up until a few years ago visitors would have given Bermondsey a wide berth. Today seedy pubs and drug dealers have been replaced by trendy fashion shops, design studios and art galleries. The district, nestled between London Bridge and Tower Bridge on the south side of the Thames, has undergone an urban renewal. The architectural masterpeice, the Shard is almost complete and at 306 meters high dominates the London skyline.

Bermondsey is a rich and colourful neighbourhood where modern apartments sit next to social housing, the contrasts add to the atmosphere. Much of Bermondsey life centres around Tooley and Bermondsey Streets which are separated by busy London Bridge Station. It's only about a ten minute walk from the station to the heart of this area which retains a village atmosphere depsite the thousands of commuters that pass through the station each day. You will find unusual shops, art galleries and and coffee shops and some excellent restaurants. The Fashion & Textile Museum is here along with largest private art gallery in Europe, The White Cube. Tooley Street runs parallel to the Thames and is a lot busier. London Bridge Underground Station is here along with some good clubs and top attraction The London Dungeon.

You can reach Bermondsey from London Bridge Underground Station. Walk along St. Thomas Street for 15 minutes to reach Bermondsey Street. Catch bus RV1, 381 or 47 run which run directly to Tooley Street which is a few minutes walk from Bermondsey Street.


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Do's Bermondsey:                                                                                                           
  • Have breakfast or lunch with London's creative crowd in gastropub  The Garrison (99 Bermondsey Street) or  Village East  (171 Bermondsey Street).
  • Discover British fashions in the Fashion & Textile Museum (83 Bermondsey Street) .
  • Find free inspiration in London's largest private art gallery      The White Cube (144 Bemrondsey Street).
  • Be surprised by English designers in Lovely & British (132A Bermondsey Street)
  • Enjoy tapas at Jose Pizarro tapasbar (104 Bermondsey Street) or enjoy a table at his restaurant (Pizarro, 194 Bermondsey Street).
  • Dine in art gallery Delfina (50 Bermondsey Street) or treat your taste buds with a dinner at top restaurant Zucca (184 Bermondsey Street).
  • Youropi tip:Visit gourmet food market Maltby Street Market on saturdays between 9.00am and 2.00pm.



Best time to visit: During the week around lunch and dinner time when locals and workers take their breaks. Saturday is the best day to when you can combine your visit with a trip to Maltby Street Market. Enjoy a drink at the weekends until late at Village East (No. 171) or The Hide Bar (No. 39).

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